Monitor Device

🎬 Video Tutorial: Monitoring a Device (3 mins)

📋 Step-by-Step: Monitoring a Device

  • Log in to the Edge Signal platform

  • Navigate to the Monitoring section of the sidebar

  • Filter the date range (default is to show the last hour of events) and list of devices you would like to monitor in the filtering pane

  • Select one or more devices to add to the metrics charts for comparison

  • Filter to show online only if desired

  • Toggle the Filters button (top right-hand corner) to expose or hide the filtering pane

  • Five metrics are tracked (see graphics below):

    • CPU usage

    • Memory usage

    • Disk usage

    • CPU Temperature

    • Data usage

  • Each chart has the following actions available:

    • Zoom in

    • Zoom out

    • Selection zoom

    • Panning to earlier or later time period

    • Reset zoom to default

    • Menu - download PNG or SVG image file

Note: There is an additional option to download a CSV file if only one device is selected

Custom Metrics

You can create custom metrics to generate and monitor device data that falls outside of the Edge Signal default metric views by following the steps shown in the Custom Metrics documentation found here:

Note: when you create a custom metric, it will be available across all your account projects

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