Release Notes

v3.16.0 - 2024-01-31 07:33:33 UTC

What's Changed

  • Support application command

v3.15.7 - 2024-01-24 07:27:07 UTC

What's Changed

  • Proxy support during installation

  • Improvements on IP address detection

v3.15.6 - 2024-01-19 07:23:27 UTC

What's Changed

  • Auth.log rotate and rsyslog config issue


What's Changed

  • Support Mitel PBX registration

  • Provide device info API to applications


What's Changed

  • Smart alerts feature implementation

  • Enable device agent version check


What's Changed

  • Housekeeping on external access endpoints

  • Core software upgrade to 2.12.1


What's Changed

  • Bug fixes about data flow status reporting


What's Changed

  • Smart alert resource lifecycle management

  • Prevent gateway application installation during device registration

  • Clean up gateway application resources during device update


What's Changed

  • Device agent metrics now include the number of physical cores on a device

  • Device agent support smart alert reporting

  • Fix Raspberry Pi device registration issue


What's Changed

  • More smart alerts feature implementation

  • Device agent refactor

  • fix: log service only downloaded one file


What's Changed

  • Smart alerts feature implementation

  • Support Gpu metric reporting if applicable

  • Fix tunnel not working issue

  • Support Red Hat device registration

  • Allow skipping question for privilege user in installer


What's Changed

  • Log service should only allow downloading files

  • Caching device API request result for deployment


What's Changed

  • Create edgesignal user and group for edgesignal service


What's Changed

  • Performance improvements


What's Changed

  • Enable log download feature


What's Changed

  • Performance improvements


What's Changed

  • Enable service command to execute raw command


What's Changed

  • Refactor command service


What's Changed

  • Remove /new path usages


What's Changed

  • Ensure mosquitto and greengrass started before signal

  • Fix: Device does not report up to date greengrass version


What's Changed

  • Disable awssignv4 signing

  • Enabled jwt authorization


What's Changed

  • Enable local MQTT bridge and shadow manager


What's Changed

  • Include data flow deployment status in status telemetry

  • Bug fix: invalid input when parsing base64 token

  • Upgrade Nucleus version to 2.10.3


What's Changed

  • Code Refactoring & Improvements


What's Changed

  • Refactor and enhance error handling for application configuration error


What's Changed

  • Support running remote commands with specified user instead of root user


What's Changed

  • Upgrade aws-sdk library


What's Changed

  • Security Improvements


What's Changed

  • Security Improvements


What's Changed

  • Technical Debts, refactoring


What's Changed

  • Upgrade Nucleus to 2.8.1


What's Changed

  • Added support for Data Flow as standalone service


What's Changed

  • Stop listening /api/thing endpoint on device agent


What's Changed

  • Stop listening all interfaces on mosquitto service

  • Upgrade node-os-util library to address negative cpu usage report


What's Changed

  • Added "--gateway" ("-gw") argument to signal installer


What's Changed

  • Install nodered service on first installation


What's Changed

  • Upgrade node version to 16

  • Minor bug fixes


What's Changed

  • Native application metric report fix


What's Changed

  • Bug fixes

  • Improvements around device monitoring


What's Changed

  • Negative Data usage in time fixed

  • Send metrics soon after deployment completed

  • Refactor IotMqttConnection and SecureTunnelingListener classes of signal-device-agent

  • Fixed: increase in info cache duration to 1 day

  • Ref: device config server unit tests

  • Fixed: device-agent error when turn off Wifi


What's Changed

  • Hot fix for device config server url match problem

  • Fix device-agent robustness

  • Add feature: custom metrics

  • Support native application metrics reporting


What's Changed

  • Signal-device-agent to report data usage metrics for default interface

  • Fix signal-device-agent stuck

  • Fix default network interface not correct

  • Update installer to 3.1.2

  • Use port 443 for signal device registration

  • Feature: Provide an API to support customer metrics


What's Changed

  • Enforce LF line endings in prettier

  • service_setup

  • Service setup by

  • upload installer script to a public directory

  • Signal installer public access

  • signal-device-agent installer fix

  • remove optional group name when registering device

  • Register device command is not working as expected

  • Signal service fix

  • Do not deploy to staging until pull request is merged to master

  • separate creating iot connection logic to a library

  • Enforce Jira issue id at the start of PR description

  • get iot endpoint from file, enable iot connection to send metrics (previously disabled for demo)

  • clean up test code

  • Skip the device registration steps if the required component has already been installed

  • Send MAC address during registration

  • enabling docker installation

  • Send MAC address during registration fix

  • allow specify domain URL for production

  • add confirmation for apt command

  • Send Mac address to backend fix

  • Create a package from signal-device-agent source code

  • Explicitly use Node.js v14 in GitHub workflows

  • trim endline character before returning from the API

  • fix signal.service awsIoT connection issue

  • get accountId from environment variable send it to applications via api

  • use new sdk version

  • fix error after restart

  • use appId to connect shadow

  • Update signal_installer script

  • send the CPU/memory/disk usage of my application to iot core

  • Installer intermittent fails during docker install with -c option

  • use tilda dependency versions instead of caret

  • Enable dependency-check for all repos

  • update connection status periodically

  • signal_installer does not work for sandbox environment

  • Enable dependency-check for all repos - on pull request

  • send public ip address inside telemetry object

  • Decrease metrics generation frequency

  • force-use-existing-role

  • cleanup-only (-co) support for installer script

  • Installer Script fails to clean and install

  • subscribe management topic and execute incoming actions

  • signal_installer install awscli new version stopped

  • update device agent automatically: PART-1 implement global config mechanism for devices&applications

  • reboot account device

  • update device agent automatically: PART-2 implement sending status feature

  • create auto updater for device agent

  • fix installer file upload s3 bucket url

  • use date on logfile name

  • fix installer for sandbox

  • crontab fix

  • release 1.5.4

  • Application monitoring using device agent service

  • upload installer script to single location

  • Release

  • device name support for installer script

  • fix for device name argument

  • Release to Production

  • Device stay offline after recycle

  • Release signal-device-agent 1.7.0

  • fix: device is offline after reboot

  • 101 Release device agent 1.7.1

  • Add fleet installer

  • Retrieve thing name from greengrass config.tlog

  • fleet device not going online

  • fix: docker command fails because of jq

  • Release to PROD

  • Optionally ask for device serial number during installation

  • Production release

  • Fix: Device agent reports application status values for non-signal applications

  • fleet device retrieve info from different file

  • signal_installer failed on firefly device

  • Release to production

  • Enforce naming convents in eslint and change improper names

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