Edge Signal provides you with the ability to create Device Groups - groups containing multiple devices.

Device groups allows you to simultaneously:

  • Perform initial configuration of multiple devices.

  • Make changes to the configuration of multiple devices.

  • Execute shell commands/scripts at scale.

  • Upload files to multiple devices.

  • Deploy applications to multiple devices.

Creating A Device Group

  • Navigate to Devices in the SERVICES section of the sidebar and expand

  • Select Device Groups to navigate to the Device Groups page and click Create Group (top right-hand corner)

  • Name and describe your group

  • Choose devices for this group from the list of your registered devices, and click Submit (bottom right-hand corner)

  • Your new device group has now been added to the device group list

  • You can also click on a device group name to navigate to the detail page for that particular device group to view group details, a list of group devices, activities, and the option to remove the device group

Note: Removing the device group will NOT remove your registered devices.

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