Execute Remote Commands

🎬 Video Tutorial: Executing a Remote Command (3+ mins)

📋 Step-by-Step: Executing a Remote Command

  • Log in to the Edge Signal platform

  • Navigate to the sidebar near the top of the SERVICES section where you’ll find the PROJECTS field

  • Select the project containing the online device on which you wish to execute a command

  • Navigate in the sidebar to the Remote Control dropdown menu, and select Commands

  • At the top right of the page click the Run Command button to open a dialogue

  • Select the desired device from the list of online devices

Note: A command can only be executed on one device at a time

  • Enter the desired command. It can be ad hoc (used only once), or you can save this command to use again later

  • For ad hoc, simply click Run Command to execute

  • The execution result will appear in the output column of the remote commands list page

Note: This result is limited to 2000 characters and will be truncated if longer

  • The command details can be accessed by clicking on the document icon. In this case, there is no docker running so little content is shown

Saving a Remote Command

  • To save a remote command for future use simply enter the command, toggle to save, then enter a relevant name and run the command. This command is now saved, and the execution result will appear momentarily

  • To access saved remote commands, navigate to Remote Commands in the ADMINISTRATION section of the sidebar

  • These commands can be executed on other online devices in any of your projects

  • You can also save remote commands from this section without executing them, by clicking New Command and entering the relevant details

Note: Currently, only instant execution of a command is supported under scheduling

Deleting a Saved Command

  • To delete a saved command simply click on the command info icon, select Delete Command, and click the Delete button

Filtering Result History

  • After executing several commands, you can filter the result history by entering a date range and selecting the relevant device or devices

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