Assign User

Assigning users to a project

There are two ways to assign users to a project:

1) from the SERVICES section of the sidebar by selecting the relevant project

2) from the ADMINISTRATION section of the sidebar by selecting Projects and then the relevant project.

From the SERVICES section:

  • In the top left-hand corner, select the Project field

  • A drop-down will appear, click Assign a user icon

Note: Make sure you are in the project you want to change the settings of before moving forward.

  • Once the dialogue opens, search by name or email, or select the user(s) you want to assign to the project from the list by checking marking or clicking the + icon

  • Click the Update button

  • To remove a project user, simply deselect the currently assigned user(s) or click the - icon beside their name(s)

  • click the Update button

From the ADMINISTRATION section:

  • In the ADMINISTRATION section of the sidebar, click Projects

  • From the list, click the document icon of the relevant project to open the project details

  • At the bottom of the users list, click the Assign New button to assign a new project user

  • To remove a project user, click the info icon beside the name of the relevant user and click Remove User

Note: DO NOT confuse removing project users with removing ACCOUNT users, which is done by navigating to the Users area of the ADMINISTRATION sidebar.

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