Enable Alert

🎬 Video Tutorial: Enabling an Alert (3 mins)

📋 Step-by-Step: Enabling an Alert

  • Log in to the Edge Signal platform

  • Navigate to Alert Configuration in the ADMINISTRATION section of the sidebar

  • Expand and select Channels then click the Add New button (top right-hand corner) to define a channel of users to be notified when the alert is triggered

  • Enter a Channel Name

  • Channel Type is currently email only (the drop-down for channel type selection is temporarily inactive)

  • Enter the email addresses of the Recipients to be notified when an alert is triggered (hit 'enter' after each address)

  • Click the Create Channel button

  • Navigate back to Alert Configuration in the ADMINISTRATION section of the sidebar, expand and select Rules and click the Add New button at the top right

  • Select the project or projects to which this rule will apply

  • Enter a meaningful Alert Name

  • Select which Alert Channels will be notified when the alert is triggered

  • Choose an Alert Source

Note: The Alert Source can be application metrics, device metrics, or a custom alert that is triggered from an application that uses the Edge Signal SDK library. For custom alerts, please refer to the documentation found here: https://docs.edgesignal.io/product-docs/alerts/custom-alerts

  • Define the Alert Conditions

  • Click the Create Rule button

  • Navigate to Alerts in the SERVICES side menu section, to view the Triggered Alerts list to monitor the alert

  • If an alert is triggered, it will be displayed in the Status column

  • Email notifications will be sent to the channel recipients as configured

  • When the alert conditions have been cleared, refresh the Triggered Alerts page and the alert Status will now display Recovered (this may take a few minutes)

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