Register Device

🎬 Video Tutorial: Register/Add A Device (3 mins)

📋 Step-by-Step: Register/Add A Device

  • Log in to the Edge Signal platform

  • Navigate to the lefthand sidebar near the top of the SERVICES section where you’ll find the PROJECTS menu

  • Here you can either create a new project by clicking the + icon, or you can select an existing project in which to register your new device

  • Click Add new device (top right-hand corner of the page), which will generate a registration command that you will run on the new device

  • Click the copy icon to copy the command to the clipboard

  • Log in to your device, paste and run the command

Note: By default, the user will be prompted to specify the desired device privilege mode by entering Y or N. If the user would rather skip this step, they should add the following option to the command: -p or --privileged

See the examples below.

Original Command:

sudo wget -qO /tmp/ "" && sudo bash /tmp/ “token”

Modified Command with privilege:

sudo wget -qO /tmp/ "" && sudo bash /tmp/ -p y “token"

Modified Command without privilege:

sudo wget -qO /tmp/ "" && sudo bash /tmp/ -p n “token"

  • The device will require root user access for registration

Note: This may take several minutes as necessary dependencies are installed

  • If this device has been previously registered, you can use the previous configuration by typing Y for YES at the prompt and entering the relevant information

  • If not previously registered, type N for NO and enter a new device name

  • Next you will be prompted with the option to enter the device’s serial number

Note: Simply press Enter to skip the serial number option

  • Wait a minute or so as the remaining necessary dependencies are installed

  • Once registration is successful, you will see the new device appear in the device list

  • A status of unknown is only temporary, and will update momentarily

Removing a Device from a Project

  • Should you decide to remove the device from your project, simply click on the device name to open the device details page

  • Scroll to the bottom of this page, and you will see a Remove Device button. Click this button to remove the device from your project

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