Create a Native Application

🎬 Video Tutorial: Creating a Native Application (3 mins)

📋 Step-by-Step: Creating a Native Application

  • Log in to the Edge Signal platform

  • Navigate to the Applications section of the sidebar

  • Click on the New Application button (top right-hand corner of the page)

  • Enter the Application Name

  • Enter a meaningful Application Description (optional)

  • Select Application Type; in this case, Native

  • Click the Create button

  • Once you have created your application, you will be taken automatically to the application details page

  • Here you can update the application description in the basic details section

  • To create a release for your application, click on the Releases menu to be brought to the Releases section

  • Click the Create Release button to create a release for your new application

  • Here you will input the release version, and in the case of a native application release, you will enter a runtime type needed to execute the application; for example, python3

  • The runtime type corresponds to your native application runtime environment

  • You can also enter optional Runtime arguments to configure and customize the behavior of your application at runtime

  • Enter the Main file, which is a file that contains the entrance function of your application

Note: You are required to first input an application name prefix to the main file

  • If you haven’t already compressed your application in zip format, do this now

  • Next, use the file selector to choose your zipped application file

  • Click the Create button

  • The release has now been added to your application

  • To see the release details, click the info icon under the Actions heading

  • If you wish to configure your application remotely without redeploying, you can create application settings here in the Settings section of the details page

Note: To use this Application Settings feature, you need to integrate the Edge Signal SDK into your application. For more details, please refer to the Edge Signal SDK documentation found here:

  • To reconfigure the Application Settings, click on the pencil icon under the Actions heading to open the dialogue

  • To delete your application settings, click the delete icon under the Actions heading

  • If you wish to delete this application, you must first remove all the corresponding releases. The Delete Application button under the application management section will then become active and ready for you to use

Note: Both dockerized and native applications are deployed in the same way, as shown in the Create Deployment quick start video and step-by-step guide

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