Edge Signal: Edge Computing as a Service

What does Edge Signal do?

For Developers looking to manage their Edge applications, Edge Signal provides a simple solution to the complex problem of integrating devices and data into the Cloud. Existing hyperscaler technologies provide part of the toolset to enable Edge Computing, but don’t abstract out the Edge infrastructure complexities. Customers consequently choose Edge Signal to dramatically reduce the time-to-market and ongoing operating costs.

By providing a new development layer at the network edge, Edge Signal enables devices to be controlled, made secure, and updated without costly on-site technicians or remote hands. Application developers can create custom solutions without having to be AWS, Google or Azure certified or know the complexities of the Cloud, device programming controls and associated protocols. Edge Signal makes building Edge applications seamless, scalable, and secure.

In today’s competitive SaaS landscape and Enterprise development environment, companies creating solutions at the edge of the network need to focus their attention on real customer value - not waste valuable engineering time building edge infrastructure to support their solution.

Build what you need vs. wasting time on the infrastructure that you don’t. Edge Signal is a developer-friendly rapid application creation, deployment, and management platform for you.

What are the benefits of Edge Signal?

What are the main functions of Edge Signal?

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