Create Tunnel

🎬 Video Tutorial: Creating a Tunnel (3 mins)

📋 Step-by-Step: Creating a Tunnel

  • Log in to the Edge Signal platform

  • Navigate to the sidebar near the top of the SERVICES section where you’ll find the PROJECTS menu

  • Select the project containing the device to which you wish to connect

  • Navigate in the sidebar to the Remote Control dropdown menu, and select Tunnels

  • Open a new tunnel by clicking the New Session button (top right-hand corner)

  • A dialogue box will open showing all of the available devices on the left-hand side

  • Select the device to which you wish to connect

  • Use the default port listed, or another port of your choice

Note: If choosing a port other than the default, ensure this port is not currently in use on the host connecting machine

  • Enter the duration (mins) you would like the tunnel open (the default maximum duration is 12 hours)

  • Click the Create button

  • Once the tunnel has been created a dialogue box will open displaying an automatically generated command to run on your host connecting machine

  • Click the copy icon to copy the command to the clipboard

  • Open a terminal on your connecting machine (ensure you are running a recent version of macOS or Ubuntu

  • Run the command

Note: Running the command will open a local proxy on your host machine that is listening for connections on the specified port

  • Either a password authentication method or a public key-based authentication method can be used to connect

  • You now have successfully opened an SSH connection to the remote device, allowing you to run commands on the device such as checking status of the signal service

  • If another authorized user wishes to establish a connection with the device using this tunnel, they can click on the device info icon and select Rotate Access Token to generate a new command which can then be used to reach the device using the steps we just covered

Note: Only one user at a time can access a device via the open tunnel. Once a new user selects Rotate Access Token, the initial token expires immediately, and that connection is broken

Closing a Tunnel

  • The tunnel will close automatically when the duration you entered earlier expires. But should you want to close it immediately, simply click on the device tunnel info icon and click Delete in the Close tunnel dialogue box

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